Grey Room are Constance Stein (vocals), Sebastian Becker (guitar, vocals), Imke Rühle (drums, vocals) and Robert Hebel (bass).

Started as students at the Technical University of Ilmenau in 2005, they are spread all over Germany since 2011 and still remained faithful. Their pursuit of creating even better music and to share their musical and compositional evolution always leads them back to the place of origin. While their band weekends they collectively satisfy their lust for loud music and the production of very special sounds.

Constance Stein, living in Hamburg, is in charge of writing the lyrics and their integration into musical compositions. Sebastian Becker, who is taking his journey from Erfurt to Ilmenau chooses a appropriate guitar from his spectacular collection and comes well equipped with new song ideas in the rehearsal room. Imke Rühle, living in Berlin and notorious for her forceful arguments, expresses her capital impressions on the drums. Robert Hebel, the only one left in Ilmenau, holds the position at the bass and demonstrates not only his talent as a bassist, but also provides the necessary place to sleep for the rest of the band members.

The musical start documents the “November Recordings”, their first demo from 2005. A year later they produced their EP “Come And See Me Fail” and released a video for the eponymous single. In the summer they recorded “Vote For This Harmony / Vote For Disharmony” which was published in early 2008. In between, they showed their potential as a live band at various gigs in Hamburg, Berlin, Ilmenau and Schleiz. By entering into the everyday work and related spatial separation, the rehearsals had to be scaled back. This problem was solved by focused and intense rehearsals for several days at a stretch, the so-called band weekends. This compressed time portion and the newly derived influences from the different cities, brought them together on a new creative level. A new layer was created for experimentation and let innovation arise in their music.

Grey Room, a band that you must have heard.


Grey Room – I Salute To You (Full length, 2017)

Grey Room – Neustart (EP, 2014)

Grey Room – Reason (Full length, 2013)

Grey Room – Vote For This Harmony / Vote For Disharmony (Full length, 2008)

Various Artist – Lieder und Gesänge (Sampler, 2007)

Grey Room – Come And See Me Fail (EP, 2006)

Grey Room – The November Recordings (Demo, 2005)