• Reason (Acoustic) video

  • I Salute To You out now

    We are very happy to annouce that our 10 year anniversary album “I Salute To You” has been released.

    It tooks us 4 years of songwriting, recording, re-recording, arranging, producing, mixing and mastering. The album features 11 songs. Some of them are totally new, while others are unplugged versions of songs we wrote during the last 12 years.

    You can buy and stream it nearly everywhere. If you want to grab a physical copy head over to our Bandcamp site and order a digipack.

  • 10 year anniversary birthday

    Hello Grey Room fans, friends and family!

    It´s been awhile since you have heard from us. We are still alive and have been productive in various ways. First of all there are now 3 Grey Room babies out in this world. But we still managed to contine the work on our 10 year anniversary recordings which will be released….well delayed but probably late in 2017.

    So for today I´d like to present you the tracklist. As a long time Grey Room listener you´ll discover songs you´re familiar with but I can promise that we have recorded new material too.

    As planned most of the tracks are acoustic but we couldn´t resist turning the volume switch to 11 on our amplifiers (at least I couldn´t). So you´ll also hear some full band tunes and a remaster of the song “Water” (which I really really like, though it´s rather old).

    More soon, take care!